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SAMPLE Page from "Regina's Regimen":

This is the most difficult exercise (for beginners) as an example...


Stomach/Spleen meridian stretching


In order to stretch the Stomach/Spleen meridian, kneel down and sit on your heels at first. Then start to lean slowly backwards. As you progressively lean back more and more, your feet will move from under the buttocks sidewise and outwards, so that your buttocks finally touch the ground. (Go easy the first week or so on this one!) Even if (as with most people) the knees in this posture detach from the ground, one must not force them down. It is sufficient to apply the lower legs sideways to the hips and keep the knees together. When back and shoulder contact the floor, raise your arms over the head and entangle the fingers in such a way that the palms are pointing away from the head.

Now, inhale and stretch your entire body so that it extends and becomes straight. Thus the back detaches naturally from the ground and the knees slide apart; however, this is entirely in order. The stress-strain lines that now build up along the forefront of the body and spine, as well as outside along the arms, correspond to the Stomach/Spleen meridian. Mastery is when you can remain in this position for about one minute.

This segment is Makoho exercises that originated in Japan in very ancient times. They were developed to improve the flow of energy, known as "Qi", in our bodies. Makoho is a set of six exercises that work on a specific "pair" of meridians within the body. These exercises will enhance the flow of energy through the meridians as well as improve their function. The six exercises encompass the entire body and all vital organs. Meridians are energy pathways within our bodies. Through understanding meridians it has been observed that if an injury occurs to one organ in the body, other organs along a particular pathway will also become affected over time. These exercises were designed to clear these pathways in order to regain and keep our bodies in the optimum health that is enjoyed by a young organism.

  1. Lung/Large Intestine: The Large Intestine is associated with the skin, arm problems, and nasal obstructions. The Lung meridian deals with breathing and stiffness.
  2. Stomach/Spleen: The Spleen meridian has to do with PMS in women and anger in men. The Stomach meridian deals with stomach problems and the seat of emotions.
  3. Heart/Small Intestine: The Small Intestine meridian corresponds to the blood quality, the Heart meridian deals with the blood vessels.
  4. Kidney/Bladder: The Bladder Meridian is in charge of purification and the Kidneys are responsible for storing Qi.
  5. Heart Circulation/Triple Warmer: The Triple Warmer meridian has to do with the blood vessels and shoulder joint.
  6. Liver/Gall-Bladder: The Gall-Bladder and Liver deal with the muscles of the body.


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