Regina's Isis Athena Regimen™

"A major breakthrough in health, fitness and rejuvenation"


"When I began this program I thought I was already over the hill. I suffered from many of the traditional ailments associated with age and a stressful job environment, including arthritis, shortness of breath, migrains and being overweight. Although it took me a while to master Regina's tough techniques, it is the best investment I've ever made in my health. At 60 I feel better than I did in my 30's and even my sex drive has returned!! THANK YOU, High Priestess, Regina!"
W.C., CEO/Lecturer, "The Learning Annex", New York City

"Dear Regina, what a wonderfully refreshing body of work you have compiled! How much fun it was to laugh at your comments as I went through the routine last night and again this morning (for the first times). This body hasn't been in many of those kinds of positions... Maybe ever! And it may take more than 3 weeks. However, I could notice some subtle differences between last night and this morning. Took time this morning to read the text that follows the exercise routine. A great way to start my morning and my week! When you make your video, insert the humor along the way, too."
G. C., Corporate Consultant, Maui, Hawaii

"Regina, I am so pleased with the greater flexibility. I have not been able to do your entire Regimen daily yet but am doing at least the first 2 or 3 every day... and the entire routine several times a week. I am thrilled with the results. So much so that I bought copies for 4 friends already. I am so grateful that you put this in writing and put it "out there" for us!"
Gail Coffey, Virginia, USA

"I am very intrigued and I think you have done a great job... I exercise already - light weight training and am in training to run a marathon next February in New Orleans. I am highly interested in your food ideas since I just discovered something very interesting through a recent experience with amino acids. The Spirulina suggestion is a wonderful one because it is the easiest way to make sure your cells have enough amino acid... it is pure food for the cells."
Mary Ford, Executive Secretary, Edmond, Oklahoma

"Well, first let me tell you I love the "cheat sheet" at the back (of your Regimen)! That has allowed me to jump straight in to your program. This is funny... one exercise you pictured is to have your legs folded underneath and then bend over backwards, head to the floor, and arms over your head. Well, it has been almost a week now and, umm, I was having a bit of a struggle with this one. (I thought I'd get stuck and I could picture my knee going out of joint.) So, today I figured out a way to do it independently!! ( My husband said he would be glad to help.) Anyway, I took the waist strap off my bathrobe, flung it around the bed post, hung on extra tight, and lowered myself down like a crane. Worked like a charm! I was able to tap my head to the floor gently 3 times and then pull myself up, even one handed so as to get my arm over my head as shown!
I love the spinning... I do that in my office chair all the time. I used to get yelled at when I was younger for spinning like that! I'll keep you posted."

Susan M. Durrell, Feng Shui Teacher, Boston, Massachusettes

"The first thing that I have noticed is that my mind is clearer all day long. Even if I am busy and have a lot on my mind I am calmer and more focussed. This is very different for me. I am used to going a hundred miles an hour and multi tasking to the point that my head is spinning off. I am very excited to see where this goes as I now am finally doing the program every morning. My favorite part (right now) is the Dancing Dervish "Kata". Makes me feel like I am 5 years old again. The best part of all of this is that since last I wrote and shared all of my health issues I have great news to report... I am excited to see where this goes and promise to share my experiences along the way.
Thanks so much for sharing your secrets with me. Hugs and love!"

Mike Proctor, Senior Director of Operations and Logistics, San Francisco, California

"Each morning 25 minutes of time you should definitely spare for yourself. The exercise flow of Regina gives you the good feeling to have something done for yourself what nobody can take away from you throughout the day. After 3 months with this series and the elements from the classical Yoga I determined for me that not only my mental well-being did improve, but also my body feels simply more trained. One can thus only win thereby - isn't that enough reason for a motivated beginning/continuing... dear Regina, thank you for your motivation assistance!"
Anja Mehring, Contract Analyst, Frankfurt, Germany

"My pin cushion pad came today! Thank you. The instructions in German don't help me too much :-) I do reflexology with other things so I thought this wouldn't bother me at all! WRONG!! I like it though. I love the sun salutation and Makoho postures - I do them every day. The only thing I can't do is the dancing dervish kata - I start to feel motion sick just thinking about it!! I also received the 5 element kitchen book - very interesting. I've added the sweet boiled water to my diet. Thanks for sending the cushion so quickly! Happy Spring!"
Valerie Phillips, Former Nurse and enthusiastic Grandmother, Hartland, Minnesota

"What makes the pleasant difference between "Regina's Regimen" and other guidebooks? The major essence is consolidated on a few pages, humorous and wittily packed. Suitable for those who are pinched for time and like to "kick it off right away", all the same, looking for an efficient exercise program. Give it a trial - this really pays off!"
Ursula Springer, Secretary, Vienna, Austria

"Dear Regina, two days ago I started with "Regina's Regimen." I have already experienced similar, but different exercises - observing the effect of physical activity in the morning to be most important. The impulse to give your program a try reached me, above all, because of its appealing layout, the exact description and very clear graphics. The quality of an "invitation" came to my mind - a "loving" invitation. Yet in this short time I was able to practice the delight of spinning around - and beyond, I feel my devotion to the Sun Salutation. I know that I will continue with all other exercises, especially "Stomach/Spleen" will tease me - but not in the sense of a torture! Dear Regina, I thank you for the further enrichment of my life!"
Lucia Landsteiner, Day Mother/Childcare, Vienna, Austria

"Regina's Regimen is a great combination of various physical and mental exercises, showing ways to trace ritual acts and so-called "vices" back to their original meaning - transforming them into a pleasure. It is also about conscious cooking, carefully selecting certain ingredients, just taking the time. The 5 elements are a valuable suggestion, such as cooking and eating to become a main thing - it takes time but pays off! My platitude: The secret lies in the regularity - not the maximum performance counts, but doing it at all, regularly even if little. I certainly appreciate this approach. Regina's program is not driven by any regulations, it is also not restrictive, but expanding, what makes for an enriching offering and proposal."
Alexander Stark, Employee, Vienna, Austria

"I have visited your website and got "your product" purchased via PayPal! I've read much of it and instantly practiced the six Japanese exercises. Nice program, well done Regina!"
Drs. Frans Langenkamp Ph.D., Vedic Astrologer, Lelystad, Netherlands