English Movies (A Perfect World, Groundhog Day, The Green Mile)
Austrian Satires like "Indien", "Der Überfall" (Alfred Dorfer, Josef Hader, Roland Düringer)
Music of the soul (Giuseppe Verdi, Hubert von Goisern, U2, Zucchero, Heli Deinboek)
English Books (John Irving, Tom Wolfe, Paolo Coelho)
Playing Cards (Bridge, Whist), Chess, Backgammon
Yoga, Table Tennis, Frisbee, Billiard, Tabletop Soccer
Travelling (Hawaii, Austria, Kenya, Greece, Italy, Bali, Sri Lanka, Caribbean)
Friends (black humour, puns)
Adamus, Ramtha, Jaguars and Leopards

"I am from Europe, Vienna, Austria, and I like to promote tranquility and health for the Western culture. I stand for the empowerment of women to be a Lighthouse in a healthy, serene world. I believe in the wisdom of simplicity and the great Spirit that is our universal Creator. The theme of my Life's work can be discovered in Leonardo da Vinci's "Seven Steps to Genius Every Day". (You may read more about it by pressing the "Afflatus" button.)