Born in Vienna, Austria, I took an interesting trip of discovery through my youth where sudden changes and challenges have inspired and conducted my life. I experienced every new start turning out to be a chance for the better, to get rid of past stigmas and that there were never mistakes, just detours. We are often faced with great opportunities which are seemingly disguised as unsolvable problems... and choice is our destiny's soulmate. My life was blessed since I felt increasingly adepted in going on with the flow and rising out of the ashes like a phoenix. The year 2020 has been a cumulation in the time of greatest change on this planet earth. It also lead me to the "Crimson Circle" (a non-esoteric, un-mysterious mystery group) finding to allow abundance, self-realization and a strong trust that all is well in all of creation (- Adamus).

I commenced my spiritual journey at the age of 28 with a profound insight: "Talk only by the time you are asked... but live your life in a way that you are asked!" I have made an education of becoming a life counsellor and discovered on my journey various physical exercising programs that I have since developed into a total process for the transformation of "body, mind and spirit". The platform for parts of my Regimen or "Postures of Rejuvenation" were discovered in Tibet. The purpose of these exercises is to work on the Chakras and bring them into their correct frequency of vibration. Since 1990 I have been perfecting this program, into a concentrated and precise ritual that I perform every morning for 25 minutes, at sunrise, first thing. (And I am anything else but the early bird!)

Over the years the discipline has become my wondrous individual, sequential program starting out with "Suryanamaskara", the Sun Salutation, what is a series of twelve postures performed in a single, graceful flow.

Each movement is coordinated with the breath (inhaling as you extend or stretch, and exhaling as you fold or contract). The second segment is some of the "Makoho" exercises, what was also developed for rejuvenation, correct body alignment, blood flow stimulation, sensitizing the nervous system and increasing flexibility. Results come from achieving your own personal best at each exercise. Each pose is held for about one minute. The third (trinity aspect) is the segment involving a light meditation, employing creative-visualization and affirmations that bring the program full circle. Find more details hitting the "My Product" button. If you have questions feel free to contact me. You can write me in German or English language.

My program is available at the price of USD 14.95 as pdf-download to "serious seekers" who would genuinely like to transform their lives. And I mean body, mind and spirit. It is simple to follow, it will just take you some weeks of discipline to master. (Those over 50, especially men, will take three months or more to regain the vigor, flexibility and stamina of a man of 30). Stay with it, nothing comes close to this, including gyms and fancy equipment.